Cyber Senate welcomes Cylus as our latest sponsors and presenters

Cyber Senate are pleased to welcome Cylus as our latest sponsors and presenters. Cylus addresses the full spectrum of cybersecurity needs of rail signaling and rolling stock systems, ensuring safety and service availability, and facilitating compliance, for mainline and urban railway companies.

Cylus purpose-built cybersecurity platform CylusOne, uses patented machine learning technology to detect malicious and abnormal activities that place operational and IT assets at increased risk. CylusOne provides real-time alerts with actionable insights to improve response and remediation. Its interactive track layout, enables smooth collaboration between security and operational teams. Cylus rail cybersecurity solutions are trusted by top-tier railway companies globally and promote cybersecurity collaborations in the rail ecosystem.

We are joined by Miki Shifman, Co-Founder and CTO at Cylus.

Miki will be available for networking, Q&A and your questions throughout the show.


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