Cyber Senate welcomes Israel Baron - VP Customer Success, Cervello

Cyber Senate welcome Cervello to the Rail Cybersecurity USA online conference February 9/10th 2021 as our latest panelists.

Israel Baron - VP Customer Success, Cervello

Bringing over 16 years of expertise in the IT and OT Cyber Security domain with excellent interpersonal, presentation & management skills. With vast experience in the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) as a Senior Information Security & Technology Officer at the D.S.D.E (Directorate of Security of the Defense Establishment), as the Regulator of the Israeli Defense Industries, and later as the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of Israel Railways Ltd. As the Israel Railways CISO, I established and led the Cyber department - defining with the company top management, the strategy and tools to defend its critical assets and systems, including the design of the company's Integrated IT/OT Cyber Security Operation Center (SIEM/SOC).

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