Alfredo Perez

Principal Owner, Perez Consulting

Alfredo Perez is Principal Owner of Perez Consulting, an independent consulting company assisting high technology companies in the physical security marketplace in key vertical segments:
Transportation, Critical Infrastructure, City-wide surveillance projects and Fortune 500 companies.
He has over 25 years experience working on large enterprise security projects with end-users to provide security solutions that help organizations prevent crime and keep their people, assets and information secure. The emphasis with Perez Consulting is to work directly with the end-users to provide security
solutions that meet their operational requirements, allowing the vendors to engage more effectively with their clients.
He has worked with Transit organizations such as LA Metro, WMATA, SF MTA, MARTA, NJ Transit, Maryland MTA, NY MTA, Chicago Transit, Chicago METRA, Amtrak, etc. He is well versed on video surveillance
systems, video & data analytics, PSIM, Access Control, IP cameras, LPR systems, and related technologies. Alfredo also has extensive contacts within the A&E community and with all the top System Integrators.